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T-Lab is a medical device manufacturer whose devices are being used in the healthcare sector around the world.

T-Lab has been serving and addressing unmet needs in the healthcare system for many years, our experience in this field has grown exponentially from actively participating in international congresses and working closely with healthcare specialists to optimize the design and the efficiency of our devices.

T-Lab Europe is a subsidiary of T-lab based in Slovakia and all the medical products offered on this site are all manufactured following the European Medical Device Directive.

T-LAB in Medicine

T-LAB specifically researches and develops the autologous systems, obtaining the regenerative group of tissue/cells in a safe, effective, easy and sterile in order to achieve the stimulation of soft tissue and bone healing. It is totally targeted to safe and effective procedures. It aims help to improve the future’s medicine with minimal invasive procedures.

T-LAB in Europe

As a subsidiary to T-Lab , Tlab europe was born out of the dream to bring T-lab closer to its customers in Europe and provide them support if needed, our devices are now easier to access and obtain within the European Union.

  1. Vision and Mission

    As the healthcare Industry and demands for alternatives to invasive surgeries grow so does T-LAB’s desire to supply trusted and efficient devices. Our principal objective is to help patients all over the world who seek minimally invasive alternatives, our company supplies to major health organization specializing in hair growth, orthopaedics, veterinary and aesthetics sectors of medicine, we have proudly helped thousands of patients around the globe in their journey to get better while at the same time getting in depth understanding and expert knowledge in our field, that is our main competitive advantage. We maintain strong professional relationships with international customers and with the Ministry of Health’s regulatory board to ensure that all requirements and regulatory affairs are met in a timely manner.

  2. Distribution network

    Based in Slovakia T-LAB Europe can ship anywhere within Europe in a matter of a few days, our Europe team work around the clock to make sure that all your orders arrive in time. For more details about our shipment policy you can consult our page

  3. Main Products

    T-LAB PRP kit is T-Lab's very first product , Platelet Rich Plasma kits are one of the field of expertise of our company, many more devices followed after it with time and relentless communication with specialists over the world.

  4. Contact & Questions

    Should you have any questions with regards to any of our devices, a team is available for your queries, after your purchase a representative will contact you and stay at your disposal for future queries

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