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Next PRP Syringe (N-500)

NEXT PRP syringe offers a different, smart, efficient and flexible choice of Platelet-Rich Plasma preparation to the user, either with or without anticoagulant for an efficient platelet concentration used to accelerate the healing of injured tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints.
Next PRP is a perfectly closed PRP system.

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This product has a minimum quantity of 12

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NEXT PRP offers a different, smart, efficient and flexible choice of Platelet-Rich Plasma preparation. With its 12 Pcs or single package, NEXT PRP is a very cost-effective device. The NEXT PRP is a CE Class IIb certified medical device.


We do not force the physicians to follow a single protocol. Treatments shall be upon doctors’ consultation.

  • NEXT PRP does not include a gel or other type of barriers as foreign materials from petrochemical origin.
  • NEXT PRP offers a non-anticoagulant PRP preparation method.
  • With NEXT PRP, it's also available as a protocol which the physicians may choose to obtain PRP by using anticoagulant.
  • Volume arrangement of PRP is very easy as all the NEXT PRP syringes are individually packed.
  • Flexible choices of PRP milieu with or without the presence of different cell types such as WBCs and/or RBCs, with or without Buffy Coat layer formation depending on physicians’ choices of treatment protocols.
  • If you want less volume but more concentration, you are able to make double-spin with NEXT PRP.

Next Level of PRP. 


PRP Product
Anticoagulant No
Helper Companents No
Volume 10 ml
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