T-LAB PRX Tubes | For Non-Anticoagulant PRP, I-PRF and A-PRF

T-LAB PRX Tubes (24 PCS)

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For Non-Anticoagulant PRP, I-PRF and A-PRF

"T-LAB PRX Tubes"

T-LAB PRX Tube offers you a form of chemical activator fr injectable PRF. The inner wall structure of the PRX tube provides excellent smoothness thanks to micro polishing technology.

Its smooth structure prevents platelet aggregation and allows you to get I-PRF without using any anticoagulants. It can be injected for up to 30 minutes. It also offers you an innovative protocol for clean A-PRF.

                                PRX = PRP + PRF


01Impeccable and Smooth Inner Surface

Thanks to Micro-polishing technology, the inner surface of the tube is perfectly smooth therefore platelet aggregation is prevented, this allows the user to yield a completely 

anticoagulant free I-PRF and A-PRF.

02The Obtention of I-PRF Has Never Been This Easy 

The PRF fractionates in just 2 minutes with a 500G (2000RPM) single spin and remains injectable for 30 minutes. You get 3-4 ml PRP volume.
03Discover Our Pure A-PRF 

T-LAB clean A-PRF method eliminates the need to separate or mix the PRF and the RBC layers. With 2 PRX tubes a double spin, it is very easy to get a clean fibrin tissue 

in just 16 minutes.

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