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T-LAB Tubes (T-1002)

Special PRP Tubes designed for an optimum recovery of platelets, your ideal solution for PRP treatment in different applications.

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Prp is an abbreviation of platelet-rich plasma. Prp can be obtained due to a strong centrifugal force by separating the cells according to their molecular weights layer by layer.


is a 10ml volume, vacuumed tube, includes 1ml of anticoagulant. T-LAB PRP Tube is interior Gamma Sterilized tubes. The tubes do not include Ficoll or gel. T-LAB PRP Tubes are nonhemolytic.


T-LAB PRP Tubes are not Blood Storage Tubes or Blood Seperation kits unlike the many other products. The requirements of CE Class IIb has been acquired. T-LAB PRP Tubes are intentionally designated to prepare platelet rich plasma and the material prepared within these tubes are injectable.
02CE Class IIb Certificate

According to 93/42/ EEC directive Annex IX and MEDDEV guidance document Classification of the Medical Devices MEDDEV 2.4/1 Rev 9, June 2010, expresses on Rule 3: Non-Invasive devices that modify biological or chemical composition of blood, body-liquids or other liquids intended for infusion into the body are in Class IIb. T-LAB PRP TUBES has Class IIb medical device certificate.
03Includes Anticoagulant

Blood Storage Tubes and Blood Seperation Kits do not include any anticoagulant. So, instructions lead the user to collect anticoagulant from outer sources that eliminates the standardization of anticoagulant quality and brings the possibility of choosing the wrong anticoagulant. T-LAB PRP Tubes do not let the user to change the anticoagulant or have the risk of misusage of anticoagulant since the tubes are prefilled and ready-to-use.
04No Gel

Some competitor products have gel in the tubes. During centrifugation, gel keeps RBCs under the gel. But RBCs are bigger molecular structures than platelets and during the centrifugational movement of the cells, RBCs collect many Platelets under the gel along with the RBCs. Also, it is a risk that the gel may be allergen. In some cases, there may be some risks to collect the gel inside the tubes and re-inject to patients. Due to those risks, T-LAB PRP Tubes do not include gel.

PRP Product
Anticoagulant Sodium Citrate
Helper Companents No
Volume 8 ml x 2 = 16 ml
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